3 Alternatives to Flossing

There was an article that went out a few years ago contesting the usefulness of flossing. I even remember hearing people say that flossing is not found to be needed by any means and that brushing your teeth twice a day will suffice.
Just gonna throw this out there: that’s a bold-faced lie. While these supposed research articles may claim that flossing isn’t needed to maintain dental health, there’s got to be some sort of trade off, like extremely attentive and lengthy brushing sessions or something.

The fact of the matter is that flossing removes food debris from between your teeth, and for the best dental hygiene and fresh breath, you need to floss once a day, every day. Flossing helps to prevent plaque from building up in the places you can’t reach with a toothbrush, which are sometimes many. And according to the American Dental Association (ADA), it doesn’t even really matter when you floss (before or after you brush, or in the morning or evening) so long as you don’t miss out on flossing once a day.

But if you can’t get used to pulling out a stretch of floss everyday and want easier alternatives, we’ve got a few for you. And the ADA says that most of these flossing alternatives are just as effective.

Interdental brushes.
You could try these, which are tiny wires with bristles that you push between your teeth to clean food debris and plaque. These almost look like pipe cleaners when you look at them from a glance, but they’re great for on-the-go flossing as well as alternative flossing when you’re at home.

Flossing picks or sticks.
You’ve likely seen or used these plastic handled floss sticks as an alternative already. They’re especially useful tools that allow you to floss your teeth on the go, too. Not a bad idea to grab a small bag of these at the store the next time you think about it.

The old school way of cleaning food out of your teeth after a meal is an okay alternative for “flossing.” While it won’t get as much from between your teeth as traditional floss, it’s definitely better than nothing!

If all else fails and you have access to a bathroom but just don’t feel like packing floss, a toothbrush or a whole tube of toothpaste, you could consider a disposable, one-time toothbrush that’s head is infused with a small amount of toothpaste. Again, it’s better than nothing!

Author: Alfred Murphy

I am a simple person who loves to write about health-related topics.