How to Help a Teething Baby

Teething is when teeth begin to appear in a baby for the first time, usually between 6-24 months. This can be painful for many children, and it’s often the time when children do put whatever they can in their mouths, which is never fun and can be dangerous. Some may check with a dentist to help with this, but if you can’t get to one right away, there are a few things that you can do to help with the pain.

The first, is to use cold compresses.  One of the big reasons why teething hurts so much is because the gums are swollen, however a cold compress can help with reducing the swelling, so have some washcloths that are moist and clean, and you should rub them on the gums gently. You can also have the child suck on it while you’re watching them.  you can also get teething rings which are typically soft and what you put in the fridge as well. 

This is another great item to have, because not only does teething help with chewing and sucking while it’s cold to reduce swelling, they’re made for this.  You can as well used vegetable such as a carrot that is peeled and chilled, or a chilled pickle.  You should however, if you’re going to use this, make sure that an adult is watching because a child can choke on this. Finally, if they have a pacifier, try putting it in the fridge, which will allow them to suck on it while it’s chilled to help with the gum pain.

If you want to help with the sore tissues in the mouth, another thing that you can do is gentle pressure against the area. Make sure to wash your hands before you do this, and then wet it.  then, rub against the entirety of the guns. This is a good thing for children because it will allow them to directly sooth the area.  You can also have the child use the finger themselves by sucking on it and massaging where it hurts. Do make sure though that you do clean your fingers so that germs don’t spread, and you should also make sure that you don’t have sharp nails, because this can cause cuts and the like to happen if you’re not careful.

Another thing to do as well, is that when a child does teethe, they tend to drool all over their chin, mouth, cheeks and wherever they can. However, if you don’t wipe it away right away, it will dry out, which will then cause the skin to be irritated, which will create another problem for the child and make their life miserable.  You should get some moisturizer and apply it to the cheeks ad chin of the baby when you can.

There are various medications that you can use such as a liquid one, a gel form, or even a pill that will give the baby relief. These are made for children, and you’ll be able to help the child feel less pain for a little bit.  You can use this alone with the natural remedies that were listed in this article to assist the child. However, before using these in any way, you should talk to the doctor that your child sees, knowing a bit about the ones that will help ease the pain, and which ones are appropriate for the child, because often this does pertain to how old tit is as well.

However, there are a few things you shouldn’t do when you have a teething child.  You should never give the child chilled treats, such as various popsicles, juices that are chilled, ice cream, and the like.  While they might be cold, it can often mean that they are too cold, causing further sensitivity and irritation. Along with that, it contains a ton of sugar, which can cause a lot of problems in terms of the growth of bacteria in the mouth of the child. Remember, they’re growing in, so what you should make sure is that the food you give to a kid isn’t riddled with sugars, because this can cause infection of the gums, and irritate the tissues, which in turn will make the mouth more vulnerable to various problems as well.

Another thing to not do is to freeze the teething toys. Yes, refrigerating them is a great way to help give a child cool relief, but often, putting it in the freezer will make it too hard and too cold for the child, and often that can cause a bit of shock to the child’s mouth.  The extreme temperature combined with the rigidness of the surface can cause a lot of harm to a child’s mouth very quickly.  You should make sure that the toys and washcloths are chilled, but the best way to ascertain whether or not a child can have it is touch it yourself. If it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for the child.

Finally, you should make sure that you do give the child the right medication. Now, there are some medications that you can take for pain relief, but those are meant for adults, and if a child takes them, they can potentially harm the child.  There are also medications that might cause a negative response in the child. You should talk to your doctor before giving the child any sort of medication, regardless of medical or homeopathic medicine.

Cute baby with teether wrapped blanket at nursery

Now that you know about this, try it with a teething kid. You should also consult  dentisT once you start to notice that the teeth are coming in. This is a crucial time for oral health in a child, and in order to give them the best results possible, you should make sure that they start off teething and letting their teeth grow into their mouths in the best way they can, and without too many issues as a result too.

Author: Alfred Murphy

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